We are extremely proud of our state-of-the-art shop, equipped with all the machinery and tools necessary to execute all cutting edge projects and their requirements. Of course, we also have all the traditional “tools of the trade” for fabrication of parts in all metals. Beyond these capacities, we are fortunate to have a complete “tool & die” shop, directed by our COO, Jim Murray himself, who has been a die-maker now for over twenty years. Other staff is almost as adept at this art as Jim. Let us illustrate for you how much of our equipment is used daily to fulfill all our customers’ needs----and in a fast and efficient manner. We always deliver on time and provide “24/7” service when your project demands it.

Some of our most productive shop equipment and technology are:

• CNC-Controlled Milling Machine----all computer-controlled---With this, we can literally receive CAD-drawings over our computer lines and email/simply redirect them to this machine which then cuts the parts to these set specs, generated by your project architect and engineers. This leaves no room for a mistake “in translation”, or by clerical errors by well-meaning but human intermediaries, on your end or ours!

• Hydraulic, Multi-Axis Press Brake----for bending of complex brake shapes. We can process in one step metals up to 12 FEET in length. This modern brake is outfitted with NC-controlled back gauges to automatically program this to effect multiple size bending in one pass.

• NC-Controlled Power Cold Saw----this jaw-breakingly named machine allows us to quickly set and cut into metals of all types for complex miter cutting.

• OBI Punch Presses----Ranging from 30 to 70 tons of punching pressure. With these, we can press out parts with progressive dies (all made in-house) and quickly produce high production, large-quantity items. In short, with this we do hundreds of thousands of IDENTICAL parts with no product variations!

• Piranha Multi-Station 120-ton Ironworkers----with these humming daily in our shops, we can process a full spectrum of shapes—angles, channels, beams, and more. E.g., these “guys” can drive a 2” hole in a 1” plate in the blink of an eye, and then move on to the next one!

• 200-ton Cincinnati Metal Shear----No metal is too tough to stop this “guy”---this too is powered up with back gauges to automatically set multiple cuts, quickly reducing a sheet of metal to strips of any size or sizes required.

• All the Welding types & finishes any metal project requires---Tig-welding; mig-welding; plasma cutting; flame cutting---in all ferrous or non-ferrous spec’d. This in-shop capacity allows Metfab to do all kinds of custom metal work and “finish” it to the appearance and strength expected by the project manager and his (her) architect/engineer. As we reported in our June and July, 2007 Newsletters, our activity in aluminum fabrication is growing exponentially. To do the same high quality work in aluminum as we have always done in steel, we are augmenting our machinery and equipment. We have acquired another new Miller Spoolmatic 30A welder so that we can bond even thicker aluminum surfaces to the strength, finish and tolerances ordered. We are now fully ramped-up and equipped to supply your aluminum needs, along with your other metals needs.

Call/Email us if you need to know more about our capacities and abilities outlined briefly above.


• Auto CAD 2000----Drawing and Communications
Our Chief Project Planner, Chris DeSimone, is expert in the use of these modern techniques to interface smoothly and directly with project architects, engineers and customers. In this way, we can expedite the planning and execution phases of a project, often even before the first day of planned construction is upon us. With this capability, we can also revise drawings during construction (and in working cooperation with your professionals) to save valuable steps and avoid lost time and wasted fabrication, and of course MONEY!

As we update this website in the summer of 2007, we are considering program enhancements to make even easier our smooth CAD-interfacing with architects, engineers and planners among our ever-more sophisticated customers. As a young, growing company we constantly see new incarnations of metals-related 21st Century technology and always welcome the input of our customers as to how we can better work together on this score too.

In short, we can:      

     1. create easy exact duplicate drawings for our shop;
     2. get out faster work quotes (due to instant access to drawings of architects, draftsmen and others;
     3. send drawings directly to water-jet and other CNC machines having these capabilities;
     4. give you (and us) a better look at blown-up details in working drawings;
     5. all leading to fully-accurate and totally-usable finished parts.

• Peachtree 2007-----At the outset of a job, this allows us to create and track Work Orders----This is a now-familiar tool for many offices, and one that the same offices could not now truly function without. We use these tools just as essentially as our shop uses its many modern “tools” to fabricate all the parts/items our contracts call for. But, to our customers these are equally-important tools as they guarantee total billing and records accuracy for them too. We literally use this program from the first Work Order to the issuance of the Packing Slip, and then the Invoice and on to records and requested confirmations of Final Payment.

• ACT 2005----------Database; Advertising; Customer Relations----21st Century businesses cannot operate without cyber-speed information—that is a given today. We at Metfab believe in the old computer rules ---“GIGO”, or “Garbage In, Garbage Out”! To avoid much of this, we have highly trained and current office staff that is not only accurate and efficient, but friendly. This may be an old-fashioned notion, but to us it is the way to get the best out of all this computer “paraphernalia”. We equip our employees to be able to serve you with these programs, but also encourage them to be truly helpful. They are; try us when you next need metal fabrication. We will guide and track your needs after that.

• Digital Cameras and Equipment----Reports in Real Time on Project Progress-----These may seem like common, everyday gizmos now, but we use them to keep you abreast of our constant progress on your work. Let us demonstrate how we do this. An example best illustrates this: Your project has a tight lead-time & supply schedule. (Doesn’t every project today seem that way? They are!) You need to KNOW your parts are indeed ready when they are promised, are accurately fabricated and will be shipped to meet the required delivery date. These “gizmos” are tiny, but they fill this essential project need. How? We take pictures of our parts once they are fabricated; email them to your project manager; and allay all concerns! Voila’!!! No more stomach acid-----you can SEE your parts stacked on pallets or loaded onto a truck already then in transit. [These photos then go into our database for any needed future reference and help.]

With all this technological support for our staff, we have increased our capabilities and minimized the chance for errors that delay your projects and tie up our resources (and yours too) ------ all truly unnecessary today. Come in and see our business in operation. Just call our friendly COO----a/k/a “CSG” (Chief Shop Guy) too----and set up a time and date when you can be in the New York metropolitan area. We look forward to your call, your email, your visit and your projects.


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