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Painting, Finishes, Processes (Glass, Aluminum)

[I]   Painting, Finishes, Processes (Glass, Aluminum)




• Waterjet
• Laser Cutting
• Plasma Cutting
• Rolling & Forming


• Bead Blast (all types)
• Polishing (all types)
• Galvanizing
• Anodizing
• Plating

• High Performance
• Shop primer
• Epoxy
• Metallic Finish
• Kynar (Aluminum)

In 2006, we penetrated in a significant way the glass and aluminum markets for the first time. Our skilled metalsmiths now can fashion aluminum with the same degree of expertise as we have done for decades with steel and stainless steel, and others of the heavier metals. In turn, we are now supplying some of the largest glazing contractors in the world with BOTH their required steel and aluminum parts and structures. For a short overview of this look at the “Glazed Curtainwall” page of this website (under “Products”), as well as several of the monthly newsletters we post and archive here (especially see our Verizon glass project reported and pictured in the February, 2007 newsletter).

Just call us for any further info or specs you need on these available services.
We’ll be glad to update you on their current use and potential application to your project.

[II]  Trucking

Our house truckmen---Stockman Logistix, LLC----provide us daily with a fleet of four (4) dedicated trucks for immediate LTL deliveries within a 500 mile radius of our North Jersey shop. We also have the capacity to deliver by common carrier, FedEx, UPS, trailer or boom truck, according to your job’s needs and delivery site logistics. We use all the modern methods of packaging, packing, crating, palletizing, securing and otherwise safely delivering both your small and your large orders. Try us-----you’ll see

[III]  Consulting/Engineering

[a] On-the-Job; supply “resources”:

We regularly consult with the engineers, subcontractors, suppliers and others already hired by our customers to give them the benefit of our hands-on knowledge of building peculiarities or code requirements in such venues as NYC, NJ, Baltimore, Washington, DC, especially for those uninitiated in the ‘finer’ points of these venues. The practical savings involved in this leads to cost-efficiencies that may not be easily quantifiable in advance or from afar. For example, what is the value of having perfectly made panels sitting on a flat-bed from South Carolina that cannot be unloaded at a NYC jobsite due to a union “work-rule” totally unknown at the point of shipment? What if a boom truck is needed and you can’t know that UNTIL your over-the-road driver gets into the bowels and narrow streets of Baltimore, Newark or NYC? We pride ourselves on knowing these details and making these services available to our customers so that a job is not unnecessarily delayed or an invoice unpaid for “non-delivery”.

A second issue that plagues----then delays----many smooth installations is ‘sourcing’ miscellaneous parts. We have a whole system dedicated to this solution. We can advance, without delay, your projects from our contacts and supply sources, locally and nationwide. While we fabricate in-house every day custom-finished and production parts, we also slay the ‘devil in the details’ by obtaining miscellaneous nuts, bolts, widgets, springs, clips, and other minutiae that are far cheaper to buy than to make simultaneously. This all expedites your job’s timely completion. We can consult and work with you to show how we can help in this critical regard. Such “miscellaneous metals” can give our parts---and your projects---an even more unique quality and aesthetic ‘look’ beyond what your architect might generically design. E.g., when we do some of our AESS work, the end product is often unique in both finish and color. But we can further get specially-milled steel and add-ons creating details that set even these finished projects apart. We’d like to work with you from the get-go to plan this before the final designs are struck.

[b] Pre-construction:

How many times have you looked back at the original project drawings and then compared them with the ‘as-builts’? Striking, huh! How many change orders were needed? How much did the project cost accelerate? How many compromises were made in the field? Did you always like the final product? How much time was lost? What was the time-cost? Ouch! Let us look at that section of the plans where we have real-life decades of experience----and make suggestions your engineer or architect can accept or reject. The cost will be small compared to the net cost overruns you’ve seen before.

[c] Licensed Professionals

As you can see or readily infer, we work every day with licensed professionals. We know welding specs, but only a certified inspector can approve their application. For example, what engineers and architects are licensed to do, no one else is qualified to do, especially on the large job. We can read plans before submitting a bid and break out all the parts (and often note some errors overlooked), but the final approval must come from the professional. We all know this. What we can help you with is identifying the expert you need at various stages of your job----and in specific venues across this country, and further-----an inspector you might need on a process not required in your home state. We want to work with you to expedite your job-----and to get you prepared to deal with the myriad regulatory issues (weld specs approvals, government guidelines requiring compliance, licensing/permit agencies’ nit points, etc.) that arise at each juncture of many jobs. The long-experienced engineers, architects, inspectors and other licensed professionals we talk to daily can get involved and help your job to a swift and safe conclusion. We can get them there promptly. Call us----get us involved!


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