Galvanized, Painted, Black, or Stainless

Headed anchor stud assemblies and welded rebar assemblies produced as fast as next day.
Galvanized work as fast as second day. Emergency jobsite deliveries available.

Erection hardware, stamped
with piecemark
Heavy Duty Embeds for
JFK Airport Monorail
Galvanized Rebar Embeds

Embed assemblies from 4 inches to 14 feet. Our bending, shearing, punching, cutting, painting and certified welding facilities
are prepared to handle all your requirements. Our galvanizing subcontractor is extremely responsive, and is ISO 9001
registered. Materials in stock include domestic A-706 rebar, headed anchor studs (aka Nelson Studs), deformed bar anchors,
carbon and stainless plates, bars, and angles. All material can be sourced US-domestic or NAFTA when required.

We create custom tooling on large volume orders. We are responsive, communicative team players and want to assist
you in creating innovative solutions to real life business problems. Please fax us your RFQ today.


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"We work on YOUR time"

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