METFAB METALS is ready to execute complex metal operations including polishing, multi-dimensional
milling, CNC machining, grinding, brazing, rolling, edging, shearing (with straightening), complex brake-form
shaping, bending, technical welding, high-performance painting, and related operations. Most of these
operations we self perform; others we delegate to qualified local subcontractors.
METFAB METALS creates solutions for your complex metalworking needs. We work with carbon steel and stainless steel every day.  Our experience includes aluminum, brass, bronze, gold, lead, monel, and titanium.

Our heritage as a tool-and-die shop ensures that each customer requirement will be addressed with
the familiarity and savvy of hands on solution-builders, not theoreticians.

We take pride in providing solutions, not just parts. Our customers build the most demanding architectural
concepts including designs by Pei, Vinoli, Graves, and Gehry. These worthy firms create concepts.
We help transform those concepts into reality.

METFAB METALS will respond to your next requirement for demanding metalwork. Our innovation,
experience, and imagination will assist you in creating real-life solutions to ambitious design goals.

Polished Steel Glass Supports
Machined Stainless
Standoff Block
Stainless Steel
Female Knifeplate


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"We work on YOUR time"

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