Architects today are increasingly aware that exposed structural steel can be very pleasing to the eye, as well as
providing support to a structure. Transparency in design, a “feeling of lightness”, can be furthered by using steel
as a visual design element. Optically playful structural steel elements combined with glazing can create
innovative spaces and enclosures.

Curved tube steel curtainwall supports
Astor Place, New York, NY

     Wind Bracing Support Steel
UVA Arena, VA
METFAB METALS makes steel parts for ambitious designs. We provide curved tubes, segmented beams,
visually attractive welds, and even employ body putty when specified to create the ultimate in smooth
steel appearance. We can grind welds smooth, contour and blend our welds, relieve or bevel sheared edges,
minimize surface defects, and provide the highest achievable quality of architectural and protective coatings.


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